Chronicles of Mayre


Since the dawn of life there has always been conflict on the world of Rhain. Even before the gods created the upright walking races there was warfare. The animals of Rhain turned upon each other in a conflict that nearly tore the world apart. But the gods did not want Rhain to fall to ruin so they pleaded with the wisest of the gods, Lord Order and asked him to intervene in what would be later called “The First War.”

Lord Order knew that if he used his awesome power to stop the war of animals, he would only aid in the destruction of Rhain. So he created the first dragons of Rhain. At this time there were only eight dragons and united they traveled the world enforcing order where ever they traveled. Soon the other animals were forced to pay homage to the dragons and “The First War” came to an end.

But peace was short lived on Rhain. When the dust had settled and the world was at peace the gods found conflict among one another. Some of the more petty gods claimed that the dragons were an abomination and that Lord Order had overstepped his boundaries by granting the dragons the use of magic. `
Until the dawn of the dragons no other creature had been given control over magic and the other gods felt that they had been slighted. Before a war of the gods broke out, they came to an understanding and each god was given the chance to create another race that could use magic as it wished.


It was from this agreement that the gods created the upright races. Soon the world was populated by Elves, Dwarves, Giants, Goblins, Ogres and Humans. And for a time Rhain was once again at peace. But power corrupts and the most powerful users of magic in the old world began to use their power to further their own gains.

Soon the races were at war. It was at this time that the Magi were formed. The Magi were a collection of the most noble and powerful magic users, who saw their powers as a gift to be used to better the world around them. United they began a campaign to stop those who used magic to sow discord, but they were few and there enemies were legion.

Having no other option the Magi turned to the dragons for aid. Together the dragons and Magi formed an unstoppable army and unleashed upon the enemies of freedom. But the Magi were betrayed!

The dragons knew that left to their own devices the other races of Rhain would soon turn on each other again. So the dragons united with the sensible elven race and turned on the Magi! In a matter of weeks the Magi were wiped out! Once there greatest treat was out of the way the dragon armies moved on the other races of Rhain.

In time the populations of Rhain were all subjugated and the original eight dragons were heralded as the rulers of Rhain.

Over a thousand years have passed since the dragons became the lords of Rhain and the only race to prosper has been the elves. The humans and dwarves have been subjugated into slavery. While all the other populations have either been hunted to the point of extinction or have been forced to live as poor nomadic tribes.

This has been the way of life on Rhain for over a thousand years.

But there is a new hope on the horizon. A human has been born, one capable of commanding the great power of the ancient Magi. A man who has been pushed to his emotional limit and will do anything he can to take revenge upon the dragon highlords that are the root to all his pain. This is the story of his revolution. This is The Chronicles of Mayre!