Have you ever done something so bold it redefined your destiny?

Have you ever stood poised on the precipice of a great truth? A truth so powerful, so meaningfull, that it changed everything you’ve ever known or thought you knew?

Do you have the inner fortitude to take that fateful step over the chasm? To see beyond the horizon, to view the world anew! I was once so bold! But that is to be expected, for I am el Conquistador!

And the so called country you call the “United States” belongs to me! I am Victor de la Cruz, the sole remaining founding father of the Americas and all you thought you knew about North American history is false!

Now take that step and be bold for what you are about to learn is a lesson best kept from the meek. This is my tale!

This is the story of how I discovered this country and how I have molded it from the shadows since 1521.

Welcome to a new age of discovery, welcome to the truth…